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Environmental and Social Licensing – New paradigms

Environmental Law and Environmental and Social Licensing are areas of relevant activity of FFA Legal, our professionals are specialized in these segments, which are closely associated with modern mineral activity. We support our clients by offering a differentiated strategy in the pursuit of economic balance and interaction and rapprochement with the government and the community where they operate.

We act in a consultative manner, through the preparation of due diligences and opinions, providing legal guidance in inspections, negotiations, support in conducting audits, estimation of liabilities, analysis of economic-financial-social impact and preparation of action plan and value creation.

Our partner has been one of the pioneers in licensing mineral projects since 1989, and since then we have been working with federal and state public agencies, representing our clients in the search for the best solutions in obtaining the required licenses in the sector, with proven record of participation and success in public hearings won for our clients;

We act in the prevention of litigation of our clients, mediating important negotiations in several areas at the national and international levels. We rely on the solid experience and ability of our professionals to represent our clients in the areas of Administrative and Judicial Litigation, preparation of defense, appeals, defense in investigations and civil proceedings, working with the Public Prosecution Service of the States and the Union, always in a manner integrated with clients’ mineral research activities, accumulating unique technical knowledge that sets us apart in the market.

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