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Count on our team to take your business to the next level.


Dr. Luis Mauricio Ferraiuoli Azevedo

OAB/RJ 80.412 e CREA 15200-D

As a founding partner of FFA LEGAL, Dr. Luis Azevedo is a Geologist and Lawyer active in the mineral sector for over 25 years. It is one of the most respected names in the mineral sector for its strong entrepreneurial and strategist sense, through which he has made relevant business for his clients.

After strategically solidifying the structure of his FFA talent team, he was able to dedicate himself to creating new businesses for the sector, acting as director of several companies listed on the stock exchanges of major mineral sector players such as TSX, ASX, and AIM.

His passion for mining also made him meet with respected industry professionals to form the ABPM – Brazilian Association of Mineral Research, where they strongly advocate industry issues directly in Brasilia.


  • He was elected personality of the year at Mining in 2017 by the Mineral Exploration category – by Brasil Mineral magazine.

  • He was nominated in 2017 and 2019 by the publication Global Mining Observer as one of the 3 most important personalities of the mineral sector in Brazil.

  • Recommended as “Best Mining Lawyer in Brazil” by Evy Hambro Blackrock Mining Company Investment Fund Portfolio Manager

  • Current biweekly guest of the CBN Amazonia show to help demystify mineral sector issues.

  • Speaker invited by the PDAC 2020 organization to defend the theme – MINING ENVIRONMENT IN BRAZIL – the most important annual event for companies in the mineral sector in Canada.


Soraya Lopes Ferraz

CRA/RJ 03-04441

Administrative partner specializing in people management and mining companies, especially in the Mineral Research sector, for over 20 years. She conducts the day to day activities of FFA and customer support, coordinating our talent team in the area of SUPPORT.

“…I believe in the emotional connection, the triad of empowerment, dedication and engagement, where we create a virtuous circle among people above all….”

FFA Professionals

Ianê Pitroswky da Rocha

OAB/RJ 126.000

FFA attorney and legal manager

Through her 15-year experience in the Mining Sector and coordinating the activities of the FFA Legal Department, Ianê is responsible for conducting Due Diligences of Mining and Mining Rights companies, and negotiating and drafting various contracts, such as Purchase and Sale, Mining Rights, M&A, Financing, Purchase and Sale of Royalties, among others related to the Sector. She provides legal advice to foreign companies that intend to operate in the country, assisting in the constitution and regularization of the Brazilian subsidiary. She advises clients on regulatory and environmental issues with the National Mining and Environmental Agency throughout the country. It acts in administrative litigation before government agencies and entities and in the negotiation of agreements and covenants. Her experience in land and real estate matters also allows her to act before INCRA and in dealing with landowners. She is responsible for managing mining company business contracts and resolving disputes with service providers or suppliers.

Samantha Monteiro de Carvalho Bittencourt

OAB/RJ 147.921

Attorney with solid experience in drafting international and national opinions and contracts. She advises on negotiations for the purchase, sale, and lease of Mining Rights and on complex corporate contracts, as well as on the preparation and management of these contracts. She acts in the performance of Due Diligences, to assess the legal regularity, and consequent identification of risks of Mining Securities or companies, in the preparation of opinions, assisting clients from the application or acquisition of mining rights, until the operational phase, including negotiation with land owners, working with ANM, FUNAI, INCRA, SEFAZ, SUDAM, in helping with environmental issues, acting in lawsuits, among others. Coordinates with excellence the area of Intellectual Property and Trademarks and Patents, both administratively and judicially, and heads the Compliance & Investigations practice area.

Frederico Campos Torquato

AB/MG 102.573

Specialist attorney in Mining Law and Environmental Management with more than 15 years of experience in strategic management of mineral, environmental, social and land assets of mining companies.  He acts in a consultative and contentious manner on all types of mining and environmental issues. Has relevant experience in implementing compliance programs, legal audits, risk management systems, and review of environmental studies.  It also operates in an integrated manner, with technical consulting specialized companies by chance hired by the client. Environmental licensing strategist, he works directly with the multiplicity of actors and government entities (Federal, State, and Municipal levels) involved in the course of environmental licensing of Mining enterprises and their advisory, industrial, infrastructure works, Steel and Metallurgy.

He has experience with mergers, incorporations, acquisitions, alliances, foreign investments, Project Financing, Mining, Environmental, Land and Social Due Diligencies. Preparation of opinions, memoranda, defenses and administrative appeals with ANM and other environmental control entities, the Public Prosecution Service (state and federal levels), City Halls, CONAMA, IPHAN, INCRA, IBAMA, ICMBIO, FUNAI, SUDAM, Secretariat of Finance, Army, CREA, among others throughout the Brazilian territory. Preparation of typical mining contracts, covenants, terms of agreement, terms of conduct and similar adjustments, purchase contracts, sale of rural properties, appraisal, land regularization, registration and rectification, monitoring of Civil Inquiries, Public Civil Actions and indemnity proceedings in the branches of Environmental and Mining Law.

Rodrigo dos Santos Patitucci Cabral

OAB/RJ 116.820

Attorney with extensive experience and expertise in legal matters involving mining in the advisory and litigation, administrative and judicial areas, working in the preparation of opinions related to Mining, Environmental and related areas. He acts directly in negotiations involving mining companies, surface, and environmental agencies, as well as issues related to mining activity on indigenous lands or intended for agrarian settlements throughout the national territory. Acting in Due Diligences assessing the legal regularity and identification of risks to Mining Securities, mining contracts, as well as advising the strategic management of companies’ mineral assets and conducting administrative proceedings with the National Mining Agency and other regulatory bodies. He acts in a relevant way in agrarian conflict solutions and in labor, civil and tax litigation before the State and Federal Courts.

Regina Célia Mattoso Carneiro

OAB/RJ 210.372

Luis Severo Araújo Junior

OAB/RJ 178.967 

Rodrigo Simões Lessa
OAB/RJ 160.366 

Vitor Abrantes Rocha
OAB/RJ 198.084 

Priscilla Vasconcelos Simões
OAB/RJ 139.408 

Carolina Izidoro Florentino

Technical support

Luciene França -

Specialist geographer in mineral heritage management with work fully integrated with the legal sector.



Jefferson Alves - Controller - CRC/RJ 106.330-8 -

Coordinates a team of leaders and specialists in accounting, finance and tax.


Patrícia Roitman - Gerente Administrativa e RH - CRP/RJ 47.061 -

Leads a team of administrative and HR specialists.

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