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Support For Mining Companies

FFA also offers its clients integrated services in the complex areas of accounting, tax, HR, administration, and finance through a high-performance team, enabling customers to remain focused on seeking results for their business.

We serve a number of clients in the Mineral Exploration industry whose companies are listed on international exchanges, where we have proven our work frequently successfully audited.

  • Accounting: Preparation and consolidation of monthly transactions, preparation of reports in accordance with Brazilian accounting standards and reports to meet the IFRS international standard. Receiving support from external auditors in both face-to-face processes at our office and remotely by sending the digitized information for international auditing.

  • Financial services: Accounts payable and receivable management through an integrated system. Weekly cash report presentation, cash flow preparation, audit attendance, relationship with banks and brokers for all types of transactions.

  • Fiscal: presentation of all reports and obligations to all spheres, Municipal, State and Federal of our clients’ headquarters and branches;

  • Human Resources: All personnel management, benefit management, and Occupational Safety and Health issues, as well as all Personnel Department controls.

  • General management: management of travel plans with ticketing, lodging, rental, credit control and reimbursement of unused or rescheduled air tickets, general purchases of material and field equipment, dispatch of documents and products in general for the client, administration of postal and notary services for clients, among other various administrative support services.

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